The winery, which is located in the center of the “San Giacomo” estate, was designed with two main objectives in mind: obtaining a high-quality wine and reducing the environmental impact.

The harvest, from destemming to pressing the berries, to fermentation and aging, is carried out with great attention, utilizing state of the art oenological equipment, laying the foundations for future wines. The environmental impact is almost zero, thanks to the energy produced from renewable sources that exceeds the needs for all production processes. Our attention to protecting the environment has guided us towards a cultivation with low environmental impact. The installation of innovative weather stations inside our estates allows us to collect data in real time, processed by software, which will alert us in case of a critical meteorological condition occurring. This collection and processing of pedoclimatic data allows us to intervene only if necessary, abandoning the traditional and impactful practice of so-called “calendar” interventions.

All the vineyards have been carefully studied to guarantee that the different vines, receive the best cultivation and environmental attention. The specific training method for each variety, a low number of bunches per strain and the nature of the predominantly clayey-calcareous soil, allows us to obtain balanced full-bodied wines, with distinctly fruity hints. The harvest takes place following a careful evaluation of the degree of ripeness of the grapes, for which we utilize the most modern analytic technology. The selection of the best bunches is guaranteed by a strictly manual harvest, the use of small crates allows us to preserve the integrity of the berries until the cellar is quickly reached.